The Proven Benefits of Olive Oil:-

.Olive oil is extracted from olives,from olive tree.Olive Oil has many Proven benefits on skin,hair face.

This oil is commonly used for cooking,for frying food or as salad dressing also.

Olive oil supports weight loss goals.

Regular consumption leads to greater feeling of fullness.

Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids are present in Olive Oil which are beneficial for Brain health.

By which Olive oil reduce risk of Alzheimer disease.

There are mainly two types of Olive oil for cooking:

Extra virgin Olive oil for cooking and its benefits(Proven benefits of olive oil):-

Virgin olive oil is highest grade olive oil without use of solvents or refining methods.

Extra virgin olive oil give benefits on cardiovascular diseases.

It prevents heart disease.Extra virgin olive oil is cold pressed oil.

Extra virgin olive oil reduces:-

  • Inflammation
  • Oxidation of LDL (bad cholesterol)
  • Blood Pressure
  • Virgin Olive oil is rich in Vitamin B and Antioxidants

Extra Virgin Olive oil as cooking Oil in India:-

Extra virgin Olive Oil has many benefits.

virgin olive oil’s smoke point is 190 C-215 Celcious which is lower than other oils.

It can be used for slow cooking not suitable for deep frying.

Contains Vitamin E and KCan’t use for deep frying
Contains Beneficial fatty acidsIts Polyunsaturated fat is sensitive and can become damaged
it has Anti -Inflammatory effect
Controls diabetes

Olive Pomace Oil for cooking and its benefits:-

Olive Pomace oil produced from remains of Olive’s pulp,seeds,stems that is left after Extra virgin olive oil produced.

Can be used for deep fryingExtracted from left over of pulp
High smoke pointLight flavor and aroma
80%monounsaturated fat
Lowers cholesterol level
high level of oleanolic acid which lowers Blood Pressure

Olive Oil benefits on Skin And Face:-

  • Olive oil is a staple of the Mediterranean diet.
  • It is a Popular natural moisturizer.
  • This oil softens skin and hair.
  • It treats dry skin.
  • It can be used as an eye makeup remover.
  • Olive oil heels Crack heals.


Due to anti-oxidant content,it also reduces wrinkles.

Fade Scars:

It helps skin cells to regenerate.

Stretch Marks:

Olive oil can be used to prevent or fade stretch marks.

Anti-bacterial effects

Olive oil benefits on Hair:

Can olive oil make your hair grow faster?

Olive oil has potential to reduce split ends ,nourishes your hair.

olive oil is a very good source of antioxidants, it promotes scalp health.

Massaging your hair and scalp with olive oil improves blood flow to the hair follicles and the follicles stimulated to grow thicker strands of hair, thereby doubling your hair growth.

Is it good to put olive oil in your hair?

 If you are having damaged hair from coloring and treatments, then olive oil can be your savior. Apply it on the hair ends, it will help to keep your hair moist, strong, and healthy.

You can also use it to treat split ends. Massaging the oil on the hair ends will help to smooth out the strand’s hair.

How long should you leave olive oil in your hair?

  1. At least 20 minutes.
  2. Apply the oil on dry areas of hair.Rinse the oil out of the hair with lukewarm water. then Shampoo the hair.

Which olive oil is best for hair?

Figaro Olive oil is best Personally recommended.

It moisturises your hair.

Olive oil smoothens your hair .

Eliminates dandruff.

Why olive oil is bad for you?

Olive oil can cause acne (if used excessively), can show acute allergic reactions if people are sensitive to it.

Regular consumption of unprocessed olive oil can be a risk of lethal diseases.

Over-consumption of olive oil can cause a fall in the blood pressure that may lead to problems like lightheadedness, stroke,dizziness

What happens if you drink olive oil everyday?

Drinking olive oil can detoxify and aids weight loss.Help stabilize blood sugar levels. 

It supports bone health

Can reduce inflammation

Can I apply olive oil to my face?

yes,you can.But it would be very sticky on face so after 10 minutes wash it with lukewarm water.

  • It is a Popular natural moisturizer.
  • This oil softens skin and hair.
  • It treats dry skin.

Is olive oil good for your skin?

  • It is a Popular natural moisturizer.
  • This oil softens skin and hair.
  • It treats dry skin.

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